EXCLUSIVE: New Photograph of Volcano Rocket Being Fired

By Christopher Kingdon & Joey Bromirski.

After yesterday’s exclusive, Analysis: New Photograph of Two Volcano 122mm Dual-Launchers Allegedly in Yabroud, Syria Posted on Pro-Hezbollah Page, I found an image of a Volcano rocket being fired from a Tweet posted on February 7th, 2014:

I have run the image through Google image back-search and Tineye and no prior images have been found. It appears to be new and genuine.

The image shows a Volcano rocket just after its launch.

I cannot determine the type of Volcano rocket from the picture; it could be one of the types we’ve already seen: 107mm, 122mm or larger. Elsewhere in the picture, on the ground a fighter holds a camera towards the rocket, he may be photographing the rocket’s launch. Around him are a flatbed truck, a van and a SUV with its window slightly rolled down. It is impossible to determine from the photograph when and where the Volcano rocket was fired without further context.

Here is a snapshot of the Tweet from which I found the photograph:

The Tweet poster claims that the rocket was fired in Syria, but there is no evidence from the photograph to back this claim.

There’s no way to tell from the evidence at this stage  who superimposed the logo in the bottom-left corner over the photograph. It could have been original, or it could have been added at a later date.

The image superimposed over the photograph is from the Kata’ib Sayyid al-Shuhada group; an Iraqi Shia militia fighting in Syria. Once again, there is no evidence linking the Volcano to this group yet, and the logo may have been superimposed at a later date.

UPDATE: We have since traced this photograph to a FB page:

Once again, this does not link the Volcano conclusively to this group, and the group may have simply superimposed their logo  over the original photograph.


/u/StoneMe on the /r/syriancivilwar subreddit spotted that there’s a reflection of a tank on the SUV.

It looks like it would be difficult to determine its type, but doing so may lead to some pointers of where this was photographed.

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