Debunk: Al-Arabiya is using an old photograph of a Hercules C-130 crash (possibly stock-footage) as part of the Algerian plane crash coverage, Feb. 11th 2014

Today a military plane crashed in Algeria killing over a hundred of its passengers.

The Al-Arabiya Twitter feed tweeted  a picture as part of its coverage in a Tweet that stated “#BreakingNews: Algerian Civil Defense: one survivor, 102 killed in plane


The image was also on their website in their main story:


While neither of the websites claimed that this picture was of the crash, its prominence and the caption underneath on their website, made it appear as if it was.

I used Google image back-search to track the image. This brought up numerous old images including this photograph from 2004 of a Hercules C-130 crash in Afghanistan.

This image was posted on the website on October 19th, 2005:

It was also posted on this forum in 2006:


Evidently Al-Arabiya are recycling an old stock photograph to add to their coverage of the Algerian plane crash.


After posting this to Open Newsroom, Storyful traced the image to a photograph from January 9th, 2004.

This is the source.

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